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Instagram photo uploading issue


Hi. Is there anybody else having issues when uploading a perfectly taken photograph from s8+ to Instagram.  This issue seems to lie with Samsung and not instagram.  I know instagram lessens or decreases the picture or video quality when uploading, however none of my friends experience this issue as they have apple phones. Its so annoying and frustrating. I've googled it and there are many others experiencing the same issue but unfortunately I still can't find a solution. 


If that doesnt work, please go into Instagram permissions in your phone settings and enable them all!


OMG i am facing this issue everyday. It's a nightmare. 


It gets blank whenever I want to upload anything on Instagram.Screenshot_20200309-114330_Instagram.jpg



Just installed Instagram on Samsung GT-P5113; Android version 4.2.2; Kernel 3.0.31 - 1978026, se.infra@R0301-05 #1, Build JDQ39.P5113UEUCMK3. I can follow friends, click like on their photos, send a private text, but I cannot share any photos on my feed or in a message. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, logged out and in, cleared cache/data, deleted apps and files to make more space. Still can't post a photo.


There's nothing wrong with my account, because I can post a photo if I use Instagram on my iPhone5. I suspect my GT may be too old or there is a setting that prevents me from posting. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


same im having same issue using s20 note. It happen after i download the latest update

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I also have this problem. And that's bad. Because I have Instagram blog. And without the content it's useless. I'm loosing money because of it. Not so long ago one of my friends told me how to buy Instagram followers  for a low price. I did so and now I have a lot of new followers, which came by themselves. And I will lose this money too, if soon I won't be able to add content freely. Maybe this problem will be solved soon? I hope so. Or is there any solution for this issue?

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