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How to make S8 bluetooth connection work

(Topic created on: 28-06-2017 12:00 PM)
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Since upgrading from Galaxy S5 mini I have two major problems with the bluetooth connection.


1) I cannot use bluetooth for audiobooks because the first part of every sentence is clipped, have to use cable instead.

2) When I get a call I could previuosly answer directly with the phone, or pick up my plantronics headset. Now with the S8 I have to disable the Bluetooth connection on the phone to be able to take the call if the headset is too far away to answer quickly.


I have read about problems seemingly originating with the use of Bluetooth ver 5 on the Galaxy S8. Since I dont know for sure this is the problem for me I thought perhaps someone on this forum might help. Waiting for a worldwide Samsung upgrade of the bluetooth version to fix this could take a very long time without actually helping, so ...