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Galaxy a3 2016 internal memory problem limit

(Topic created on: 03-01-2019 03:28 AM)
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The problem is that phone when got full memory (actually 450 MB but for him it's full) start to behave problematic.

I bought 32gb SD card and moved everytng I could but some apsc does not want to move. 


I have like 7 applications smaller than 30 megabytes and 2 big. Messenger and snapchat.  Rest is unmemorable like Google movie, Facebook etc.



Cannot open photo cause there is no free space for it. (error appears)

Cannot install everything.

Works slow and get hanged sometimes.


Hard reset does not help.

Application to move data to SD does not help.


What a junk 😞


I understand that it can have problems with memory but why it can't move apps to SD simply? God ***** phone can full itself just by update of system and all branded apps! (got it from Orange Poland)



Any idea how to solve it? 

I have reader once that installation of firmware with Odin on not branded one or default English might help. But will probably warranty problem.


Any idea? This is like first phone with such an issue for me 😞   

Got galaxy A3 2017 from work and this one does not have such a problem and I have exact the same apps there.even 3x more and it works!




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The phone should have 16Gb of internal storage but some of that is taken up by android and for future updates so about 12Gb is available @Wituu


Your 'My Files' should show what's using what.


Use device maintenance to clear up your sections.


Unfortunately not all phones allow the movement of apps from the phones storage to Sd card and the phones that do allow this do not allow all apps to be moved over.


If your phone is getting full then I find the following helpful.


Move photos to sd card and or Dropbox.

Delete emails and attachments.

Delete text messages.

Delete any WhatsApp messages.

Delete old notes.

Delete any unused ringtones.

Move music to the Sd card.

Delete old calendar entries.

Turn the phone Off and from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files and clear the cache files. This will not delete your saved info.

Look in your My Files and delete any documents and downloads no longer needed.

Use package disabler from the playstore to disable apps and go into the apps via settings , apps , the app in question, storage and clear cache and data and then force stop it.

As a very last resort back up and factory reset.



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Thank youfor your reply.


Honestly it sounds more like workaround than problem solution. In my opinion samsung should make some update/patch which fix this kind of problem.  It is a first time when I found phone with a memory problem like this. Not a problem... more like software bug. 


Is there any other solution for this?


Removing text messages sounds like freaky bad idea. Imagine phone after 2000 year where you have to remove messages cause your OS will blow up with errors and phone will be stripped of functionality cause OS got no memory for itself and cause errors with it 😞


Last time i had this problem with nokia 3210 where you had a messages limit.


This was a very bad phone purchase. 😕


Will try to make some space but OS should thing about it by its own. Or add some build in software which moves everyhing to SD when phone got it limitations (like sony did in Xperia Z line). New phone does not have to be fast but limitation of small software up to 10 and other limitations cause producer messed up the the phone OS sounds very bad if we are talking about modern phone ;( 

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Fast update... removing messages does not help. The problem lays in firmware. You can wipe out whole phone and it will have the same problem anyway. Other problem with memory is fact that phone does not allow to move or Install apps on sd card.

You can have Free 500mb on internal storage and Phone will not allow you to Install app which is 5mb size.

This Phone is A failure