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Clock style samsung s7 won't open

(Topic created on: 16-08-2018 06:01 PM)
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 hi I am trying to use the clock style feature on a Samsung S7 running Oreo 8. 0.   I go to lock screen and security, then clock face and wgets, then press on clock style. But when I press on the clock Style button it tells me that the app has been blocked disabled or is not currently installed. I have tried countless ways to download the app I can't find it on the Samsung Galaxy store. AND, when I try to download the APK file it won't install itself.  I can download the apk but when it tries to install, it goes through the motions but then says, app not installed. And yes, I did make sure I could install things from unknown sources.


I don't know what to do. I don't know what happened or how can I fix this. Not only that, but when I try and do it through the always on display the always on display is not working either. I push the toggle to turn it on, but the always on display never turns on. I feel like there is an issue with his whole clock on the lock screen and the always on display. Is there a way to just reload all of these apps. Can somebody help. Do you know anything about this?  I did recently do an update. But it was not working even before the update. Please help.