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Auto rotate option missing

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Auto rotate bottom missing from pull down options for s8.... help 



I agree with you 100%. Samsung xommunity appears to be populated by a lot of Samsung staff helpfully clicking "solved" for their employer!


Try using the Samsung Members app. It worked for me.

Open Samsung Community App and select 'optimise settings'. Funnily enough, one of the settings it 'optimizes' is auto rotate. There is an option to select it from there
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This is now missing from my Note 9 and I cannot find how to add back since my last update. What gives?

Please see my reply above. That Samsung Members solution worked for me. I hope it does for you as well

OMG thanks so much! I thought I was crazy since I've gotten this phone I couldn't figure it out. I agree, should have called it Auto Rotate ON/OFF. 

@kode wrote:

Please see my reply above. That Samsung Members solution worked for me. I hope it does for you as well

I had high hopes for this solution as I've had this issue since I updated my Note 9 to Pie as well, it's VERY annoying. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me at all.

Did you have to do anything else besides toggling the screen rotation optimization switch?

Did you try this: Step 1: open Samsung Members app Step 2: select 'optimise settings' Step 3: Under 'optimise' menu, final selection, last item on the list: 'auto rotate'. *SELECT* Step 4: if your screen isn't auto rotating after that, then go to the pull-down menu (top bezel) pull, select cog icon=settings Step 4a ensure newly reinstated auto rotate setting is set to *on*. *PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHETHER THIS DID OR DIDN'T HELP* Thanks, a genuine non-Samsung staff user trying to help instead of trying to save the co's face

It's not giving me my auto rotate button back. I can auto rotate again after resetting my settings, and I see the auto rotate in the Samsung Members app where you said, but clicking on optimize, or turning auto rotate off and back on doesn't bring back the missing button in the pull down menu 😕

I tried the suggestion above without luck.


I only got  the auto-rotate/portrait toggle back after the May security update. I hope this works for everyone else...

Thank you been trying to figure this out for weeks. WHY THEY DO THIS? 😞 **dissapointed**
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