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Auto rotate option missing

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Auto rotate bottom missing from pull down options for s8.... help 



I'm with this problem is NOT solved.

There is no "auto-rotate" or "portrait" icon.


Used to be there a month or so ago but no longer.


Did many searches in Settings for auto-rotate and portrait. Google searches so far are a waste of time. Just tell me to do the obvious but doesn't address the problem: no icon on any of the pull-down screens.


Does ANYONE know how to get the icon (or switch) for auto-rotate back on this phone of mine. Photos I can work around...just zoom in, but videos are driving me crazy.


Thanks. You are correct. Had to go through a few wrong answers until I read y🙂urs.


Any update on this?


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Last Android update seemed to fix the problem. Not sure if that was it but it's working now on my phone.

Thats it. Click Portrait and it changes to Auto Rotate.
Worked on a S8 & S10

Many thanks

on my Galaxy S20 Ultra that option is no longer there and in Always on feature settings there is a selection that says rotate screen portrait or landscape, but no AUTO!

where is quick menu?

Same on my Note 10+. However if on an app-YouTube-that 'knows' about rotating screen if I turn the mobile to landscape I get a rectangular block appear in a corner of the screen. Touching it rotates the screen - same happens if I move mobile back to portrait.

Who,with 1 brain cell,thought this was better than the Auto-Rotate button?


I called Samsung tech as I do for my Samsung 4k TV and 4k blu-ray player and washing machine and they used the Smart tutor and went into my settings and showed me that when my Galaxy S20 Ultra is not in auto it will have the label of portrait or landscape and as I told him it used to be either on auto or not, but now it's only showing the selected mode , which I didn't know to look for. It is now back the way it was with the icon in the Quick menu for me to enable auto or other. 1-800-726-7864 for 24hr tech support Samsung! VERY HELPFUL!

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