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Auto rotate option missing

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Auto rotate bottom missing from pull down options for s8.... help 


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Press the portrait button on the pull down bar

@Jonniebakes wrote:

Yup it's a nightmare. I had the same problem. Look in quick menu, is there a button called portrait that is highlighted? Touch it to change back to auto rotate ... Tada!


Why Samsung didn't just put auto rotate on and off I have no idea. 

Thank you this had me confused as hell samsung needs to stop shutting off this setting when updates. Whoever decides samsung updates designs should be fired immediately 

Thank you!
This is an awful design.... Samsung should be apologetic for the stupidity.. just change the auto rotate icon from active to inactive.. never show the portrait desensitized. *****s.

Thank you for posting this I've never used the Samsung members app  Before. I just downloaded it and I don't see an optimized menu in There. I'm not sure where to go. I don't have an auto rotate a portrait or landscape button I've looked in the menu bar I've done searches I've tried the accessibility I tried to chat with customer support they suggested a hard factory reset

Thanks alot

Tysvm Paul! I was stuck! WoW! Know I was rolling laughing at how dumb the solution! I'm with you on that! What were they they thinking!?!? I looked right at the portrait view & although curious I went on to look it up lmfao!Tysvm again!


Legend. Thanks mate. Worked straight away.

I know this is an old thread, but I just had to say THANK YOU! You're a genius. :smiling-face:   This auto-rotate "portrait" thing had be going crazy for DAYS!!!! Thank you.

Not sure which is worse.
Willful *****s that believe and go along because they are incapable of thinking circumstances out...
Or the over intelligent *****s that have no idea how us normal folks roll....

Once again... Thanks for the heads up
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