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Alarm icon on status bar




I have no alarms planned but the alarm icon is stucked in my statusbar. I can't remove it. Sometimes it will go and come back later again in my statusbar. I tried to force stop and clear data and caches for the clock app, it didn't help.


What can i do?Screenshot_20171126-040637.png


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If you 100% do not have any other alarms set in your Samsung Stock Alarm app or other alarms perhaps in Google etc , and turning the phone Off and On does not clear it and the clear of cache and data has not helped within the app(s) then I’d suggest to turn the phone Off. 


Then from a set of press determined button presses enter into the phones system files and clear the System Cache. 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Here is what I had to do on my Galaxy S4. I opened up the Clock app in Application Manager and simply cleared the cache. Low and behold, the clock icon in the task bar was gone. Hope this is helpful!

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Worked for me. Just deleted old alarms. Guessing the cache was full, but just hit delete all check box anyway. 

Doesn't take long to set an alarm. 

Thanks for the tip.

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