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108MP with bigger sensors is better than smaller sensors 200MP

(Topic created on: 07-07-2022 07:05 AM)
Sachin Acharya
First Poster

Dear Samsung team,

It's always nice to have Samsung to heard it's loyal customers opinions and suggestions. Thank you for return of Note in S22 Ultra. It's great overall phone. 108MP in its third year have improved. But it still lose its crown when it comes to mobile photography. It felt short in certain areas. Since Sony has come up with its bigger sensors yet has shift world focus on bigger sensor than large MP number. 

Samsung have also developed it's own 50MP camera. As from last year since Samsung introduction of 200MP camera to world , no doubt curious but than since it's pixel size is smaller than 108MP 0.8 micron and sensors. I want Samsung to focus on improving past smartphone devices photography performance through software updates. And in future develelop another 108MP camera with bigger sensors & large MP ultrawide and telephoto lenses for 100X continue zooming. Clearly bigger sensor lens are ahead of photography. Sony is also developing 100MP with bigger sensors than Samsung I believe. 

Since Ultra is Note Samsung can make phone screen size 6.9-7 in and thicker and wider to accommodate bigger sensors, enough room for bigger battery and spen. 

You have great team to workout than what I can say as a general overview.  Don't go with MP number, go with bigger sensors 108MP to produce quality images is more than enough.  It's good Samsung cancelled it's Fe edition, thank you for listening, now use that resources in s series productions. Try to lower costs of S series and no need to have Fe as there are many budget and midrange phones in market.

And please make 12/256GB as base storage options as we've lost SD card support. 

Thank you for listening. 

Best wishes 🍻 


Samsung still needs to sort out the focus and zoom on the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra
And the Galaxy S21 ultra. I don't think they will do anything unfortunately