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Samaung ultra battery life

(Topic created on: 26-03-2022 11:25 PM)
So I have had my phone over a year now, it seem that the battery life is dieing quicker.

Anyone having this problem with there smasung ultra? Any tips to save the battery 
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Hi @Oldchestnut 


A phone's battery output will lessen overtime however these are some tips I'm aware of and use myself.

  • Https:// You may need to hook up to a Computer or insert your earphones to enter into recovery mode. 
  • Check in your phone's Device Care Section under Battery to see what's using your battery 🔋.
  • Use Dark Mode and a Dark wallpaper.
  • Check your sync schedules for email and other functions that sync.
  • Use Sleep and Deep Sleep mode for Apps you don't need to run in the background or need notifications for.
  • Personally I uninstall the Facebook App as it's a resource hog and access Facebook via my url Browser instead.
  • Google Chrome is a resource hog so I use Samsung Internet instead.
  • I turn off Adaptive brightness so set my brightness to just under 50%.
  • Screentime Out is at 2 minutes.
  • In Location I turn Off Nearby Scanning.
  • Certain themes and 3rd party launchers will use more battery 🔋 
  • Widgets can use more battery 🔋 
  • 3rd party Launchers will use more battery 🔋 
  • In Settings > Connections > I choose Lte/3G/2G because the 5G option uses alot more battery 🔋 and as I don't use a 5G tariff it's pointless my phone searching for a 5G connection.
  • Low signal connection can use lots of battery as the phone works harder to maintain connection.
  • Battery Apps will use more battery 🔋 as they are by their very nature set up to continuously monitor the phone.

Personally I carry around a portable powerbank just incase.

Above all enjoy your phone. 😎

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I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

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Cheers for your help pal. 😎👍🏽