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Problem with typing removing numbers after update.

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 06:26 PM)
So I updated my S20 as did my wife & looks like we're both experiencing the same issue:

So say you want to type "the year is 2022" but you want to use double tap to add a full stop (Keyboard: SwiftKey) after the final 2.

Since the update if you double tap, it'll remove the final number so the above would be "the year is 202."

Same happens if you add a letter. "the house is 220k" becomes "the house is 220."

Its just removing the last character every tim.

Actually there you go, as I've just typed that it removed the e so it works on everything not just numbers.

WhatsApp, text message app, here. Very very annoying. 

What's going on? 
I just downloaded Microsoft swift key to test this out. It seems like, the more you use the keyboard, the more it learns your usage. It tries to auto correct to a smaller number. I found that typing long numbers and then double tapping and selecting the suggestion I actually typed, made the keyboard learn not to delete the last number. Hope this helps
The point I'm making is I've been using SwiftKey for about 2 years now. It should've really learned my habits as it's had plenty of time to do so. The issues I mention have literally only just started happening which would suggest it's a bug somewhere. Upon further investigation I think it's a SwiftKey issue and not an android update issue. Some of the feedback on the SwiftKey app are people complaining about it. The fact it also happens on my wife's phone. After my message here I switched to the Samsung keyboard & it didn't happen. SwiftKey updated around 5 days ago. All this would suggest (to me at least) it's an issue with the SwiftKey app.