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Problem with missed call notification on Samsung Galaxy S10. I do not see the badge notification for missed calls

(Topic created on: 21-11-2019 05:52 PM)

Good evening.
I have a problem.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 . I would like to know why my missed calls do not appear. In other words, I do not receive notification of missed calls (that badge does not appear on that green button on the screen (phone). I do not see missed calls. Since I bought this phone I have this problem if I can call it that. I made an update and the operating system is updated.
What can I do to have that badge which appears on the button when I have missed calls. I also asked myself this question. I followed some tutorials, instructions but in vain. I did not solve anything.
What's the problem? And how can I solve it? I really don't know when I get a call, I don't see missed calls just if I tap on recent calls I see but no badge notification on the green button on the screen (green telephone button).
Thank you in advance

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I see some issue in the call register and call log application for my samsung M31 phone (dual sim).  Here is an event - I got a call from a new person whose contact is not in my contact book. Then I speak with him for 5 minutes. I close the call and after 30 minutes wanted to return him with information . when I open the app to call, his number is not seen in 'RECENT' . RECENT shows no entry , no calls. This is 100% true for more than one call. Unable to understand. 

I am reachable over my cell number or email , and once in a while access this forum.