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instagram folder inside galley after upgrade 11 to 12 slow to load up need help

(Topic created on: 22-01-2022 10:18 AM)
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so here's the deal  for long time back in july of last year i had my instagram folder on sd card the sd card was from s7 i updated to s20 day before christmas and walmart verizon told me no need get new sd card you be fine


anyways so it died me having instagram folder sd card i just created instagram folder in storage under pictures place them in there no issues i even did an experiment with no pics when i  put camera roll  go to my galley android 11 i notice that when i go to my galley that instagram pic will come up instantly without me have to upload pic to instagram app then come up aka reverse magic trick so to speak 


anyways i had alot of instagram pics now i have few times in past clear data in gallery no issues on android 11


umm so i went into android 12 jan 11 1:40 in morning i had no issues instagram folder pics coming up like they are because i took 2 pics that afternoon did same thing come up camera roll then went into instagram folder in gallery without me uploading it to instagram app then it appearing


however i don't know what night it was i think that following weds or thurs night when  i had my phone on charger it magically decided to reboot phone on it's own and i had to log log back in to continue charging phone up


i didn't think anything was wrong until this past tues i took a pic now granted perhaps i should had waited a little longer see if so called magical reversal instagram will still work or not 


instead i went into samsung chat and they told me  why don't you just clear gallery app data ok well i never did that before on android 12 i do that  big mistake


now again i don't know if after i did it i kill off the so called magic trick or due to sorry phone rebooted aka restarted phone while on charge after going into android 12 just a day before


however the magic died so to speak now when i take new pic and it appears camera roll i wait few mins inside galley it's not going to come up unless i upload pic instagram then it will appear inside


new problem has also started it seems again i'm testing straws with me having 786 pics instagram storage under pictures they are very slow to appear even after i  post instagram app 


at 1st when it happen i went into galley app click went in and out instagram folder few times then it appear i deleted it afterwards  and inside camera roll i hook up my phone to computer i saw image broken and then i look at my files saw look back inside gallery still only showing 786  pics instead 787 it took awhile when i finally unhook phone from computer aka usb it came up on it's own without me doing that going in and out instagram gallery folder making it appear after 2,3 times

i'm not going to do it today but going to do another experiment i will 1st off copy instagram folder to desktop computer then i will delete all photo and just leave instagram folder inside storage picture alone 


i will  take a pic since magic is gone and i can't do reversal thing anymore  upload it to instagram app and wait see if how long it will take for it to appear instagram folder inside galley if it taking long time then there's a problem


meaning it doesn't matter a few or alot of pics that i have instagram folder all of a sudden they are coming up slow longer then expected and i need to find out why


i had already clear system cache that don't work and clear gallery data sure not doing it thing  i don't know if clear gallery cache will make them come up faster or not


yeah i wished i should had never clear gallery data in 1st place and should had waited thurs after took 2 pics and waited for a good while or did that go back and forth thing inside instagram gallery see if magical would still work or not 


again did it stop working after phone rebooted itself while on phone charger right after i went into android 12 just few days later or did it stop after i clear data in gallery i just don't know nor do i know why all of a sudden since i have to do normal thing all of a sudden why after i load it instagram app again i'm not sure just a thinking whiy taking them long time to show up after post instagram app 


man i wished i never went into android 12 it sure as heck mess my instagram folder up now them being slow to show up when i go into gallery despite magic is dead 


i hope somebody will tell me what to do i guess have to take it phone  repair place type everything up and asked them why magic stop and why all of a sudden they are taking long time to appear in galley under instagram folder few or large number of pics dang it


it's very hard who is to blame for this samsung or myself when i clear data in galaxy app that mess everything up or was it reboot phone happen while on charging

You can always check
Google Photos
As most your images
Should be there from image gallery

Note always back up
Your images that are on
Samsung image gallery
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i got most of my pics sd card but instagram folder that i put that internal storage


j just got done wtih samsung chat oh so long they saying i need to clear memory then pics will come up faster inside instagram  folder in album in gallery which i'm not a big fan of 


person also proceed to tell me that when sorry phone rebooted itself on charge either last  weds or thurs night on it's own that they claim the old reversal magic trick when snap a pic camera roll  it will come up  after good few mins look inside instagram folder in gallery instead it appearing when i upload it to instragram folder which i do after it appears magically inside instagram folder in galley  or if i click on it inside and go out few times it will appear tick is now dead as a doorknob and i have to face change

however i still wonder if it happen despite they say it it wasn't due to clear gallery app if i would had waited a little longer or click inside instagram folder in gallery few times and out if magic would still work 


because it was fine day i went android 11 to android to 12 that tues morning because it was still working that afternoon around 4 pm when i snap 2 pics and i didn't have to upload pic instagram app it just came up on own instide instagram folder album  in gallery 


it still puzzles me basically i have to accept change when snap pic camera roll  it won't automatically appear instagram folder until i upload it instagram app then appear


but why oh why it coming int slowing all of a suddeen i thought maybe i just clear cache in galley but again they want me to do memory i don't know what to do


if i just never had phone on charger that1 night perhaps phone will never rebooted itself on charger it will prob work again i don't think it truly was that or them telling me clear gallery app


what do you think  happen do you believe it was due to phone rebooted itself automatically? a day after  i went into android 12 got everything mess up the so called instagram reversal magic stop and now again not sure if it going to still be doing it if i got few pics or alot of pics in storage under pictures instram<-gotta do that test make sure it made them slowly come up after i upload to instagram app then will display despite take longer then expected


or do you think everything got screwed up the reverse  Instagram magic  along with them taking longer to appear instagram folder  in galley after i clear data app gallery?


yes i do had on sd card  camera saved Instagram pics  sd card which is turn on in instagram app btw





Me l never save images
In the Samsung image gallery as it not a place to store photos it should be clear cache not data as clearing data will erase the images always best to backup your photos me l use amazon photos and Google photos so if anything does go haywire l have my photos
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so last night i copy that instagram pic folder to my computer desktop again 1st off i tested myself deleted i everything folder and i took a pic camera roll load it up new instagram folder was created after i load it to instagram app and went into galley so i deleted went back put everything is back in then snap another pic load it up it came up

now i feel kindof dumb clearing system cache now i still don't know why that reversal instagram folder stop working that used to work even right after i went into android 11 to 12 last tues

when i snap a pic i wait few mins or 2 click on instagram album go in and out it will automatically come up before i upload it to instagram app then i load it up instagram app now i have to do normal way like everybody else

still wonder if it happen right after i put phone on charge i think either weds or thurs that week and sorry phone rebooted itself aka restarted i log in finished charging because it was that reversal magic thing was a working that tues afternoon when i snap 2 pics after going into android 12 that morning

then again maybe it just happen after i clear data in galley this past thurs right after i try to snap a pic and didn't wait and see if magic would still work or not i don't know

if i hadn't clear galley i would prob still had that 2nd option under notifications that said other i don't know what it was and now all i have is delete under there and nothing else underneath

perhaps i need to stop and think about when it is enough don't know i want to have like 900 or 1000 instagam pics in internal storage should i keep going i mean 786 is too much should i stop at 800 delete them or put them sd card or like make random folders and put them on sd card at different locations

i really don't remember how many pics i had internal storage maybe it was none? when my old sd card from s7 that i put in s20 plus when i got it day before christmas in 2020 i think i just put them sd card random places and you know it finally died in july 1 day last year i had to get new sd card so instead of me make a folder sd card called instagram i decided to just to put them all on internal storage and between that july and up to now everything grew so to speak

now i'm sure over time they will get slow to appear instagram folder in galley but right now they are coming in quick again despite i'm no longer going to see a new pic come up automatically instagram folder in gallery anymore after snap a pic camera roll it will come up after i upload it instagram app then i will see it meh

i do have like 75.4 gb internal storage 52.6 gb/128 so i still got a lot of space left internal storage i just don't know if i truly want to like have 900 or 1000 instagram pics in storage i think that prob over kill ha

on a side note still very odd that samsung cloud<-which don't used samsung always on display and samsung gallery when i go into playstore manager apps they all are saying my s20 plus phone no longer compatible with app contact developer right after i went into android 11 to 12 last tues morning