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Google Android 12 vs Samsung One UI 4 Material You Comparison

(Topic created on: 06-10-2021 08:51 PM)

I hope that more people in the UK can now get hands on the One UI 4 Beta 2!

I made a video about it yesterday but since one of the main novelty is the implementation of Google Material You I have taken the liberty to compare Samsung`s implementation vs Google Implementation.

Check it out!

Honestly I am bit surprised as initially I would not have thought Samsung would even go there! The solely reason for that is the fact the Samsung has a version the Material You uniform design language since quite some time though not so user friendly.

I am referring to the Theme Park module from Good Lock. Used in the right way one was able to modify and create a custom theme much resembling what we know today as "Material You". This is why I wanted to compare both implementations with using the same wallpapers and putting the S21 Ultra vs the Pixel 3 XL.

Of course the S21 Ultra just has Beta 2 and Pixel 3 XL already rocking Beta 5 from Android 12 which hit platform stability.

But it`s very nice to see Samsung embracing more things from Android 12. I have also tested the usage of custom themes created with Theme Park and they do work but in that case the Theme Coloring Material You is disabled which makes sense.

What do you think guys, do you like where this is going?

Samsung Members Star ★
I didn't like material UI on my pixel 4 XL.
Was just too clunky and looked kiddish.

Happy samsung has done a better job of it.

Anyways popped it back on Android 11 and gave it to mum. 😁