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How to use Smart Switch

Community Manager


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Getting a new Galaxy smartphone is always an exciting moment. Slowly opening up the box to see the shiny screen. Powering it up for the first time. Marvelling at the amazing resolution. And with the amazing new smartphones Samsung has launched this year – the Galaxy Z Fold3 , the Galaxy Z Flip3 , and the Galaxy S21  – this moment is more exciting than ever.

One thing that might be putting you off switching phones is what to do with the content you’ve got on your old one. How can you get all your photos, videos, contacts, events, settings, apps… onto your new phone without transferring everything over manually? The answer? Smart Switch. With Smart Switch you can move everything over to your new device with no fuss at all.  

Before you will begin, you will need to make sure you have the Smart Switch app installed on both devices. You can download it from the Galaxy Store. On newer Galaxy devices you can find it by going to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Smart Switch.


Switching from Android

Note: to use Smart Switch, you will need a device running Android 4.3 or later

  1. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or link them using a USB cable
  2. Open Smart Switch on both devices, and tap “Bring data from old device”
  3. On your new phone, tap “Receive data”. On your old phone, tap “Send data”
  4. On your new phone, select whether you’re receiving data from Galaxy, iPhone, or a Windows Phone/BlackBerry
  5. Select whether you want to connect via cable or wirelessly
  6. Tap “Allow” when you see a popup asking if you want to allow a connection
  7. On your new phone, select what data you want to transfer, then tap “Transfer”


Switching from iOS 

Note: please turn off two-step verification on your Apple ID before you start

  1. Open Smart Switch on your new Samsung device and tap “Start”
  2. Read the terms of service, then tap “Agree”
  3. Select “Wireless”, then “Receive”, and then “iOS”
  4. Sign in with you iCloud username and password
  5. Deselect any information that you don’t want to take over to your new phone
  6. When you’ve imported the basic information, you’ll have the option to download media such as photos, videos, or documents. Untick anything you don’t want, then tap “Import”
  7. When the transfer has finished, tap “Close app”
  8. Don’t forget to disable iMessage on your iOS device


Do you have a hack of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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