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Apps crashing after Google WebView update


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At the moment we have a lot of people contacting Samsung support due to a problem with certain apps crashing. The reason for this is an update in a system app called "Android System WebView" that was released by Google. To fix the issue we encourage everyone to update the Android System WebView app and Google Chrome according to the instructions below.


Update WebView and Chrome 

  1. Open the Play Store app (If there is an issue of opening/ searching in Play store go to Guide “Force Closing Google Pay
  2. Search for: Android System WebView
  3. Select the app in the Play Store and then choose to update it. (If the option to update is not available in the Play Store, the app is deactivated and you should follow steps a - e below, before continuing to step 4.)
  4. Open Settings in your phone and then select Apps
  5. Find Chrome, select it, and deactivate the app
  6. Reopen the Play Store app and follow Steps 2 & 3 as the update option now should be available for Android System WebView app
  7. After the update is completed, open settings in the phone again and then select Apps.
  8. Again, find Chrome, select it and choose to activate the app
  9. Now open the Play Store app and search for Chrome
  10. Select the app in the Play Store and then choose to update it if an update is available. If there are no available updates to Chrome, then you already have the latest version installed
  11. Restart your device


Force Closing Google Pay

If update get stuck in play store when searching for updates, just spinning and not finding anything. This can be solved by force closing Google Play Store, so just test the following;

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Open Apps and find App Google Play Store
  4. Tap Storage and clear Data and Cache
  5. Return to App details
  6. Click Force quit
  7. Relaunch Play Store (might take a while to open as all data has been cleared)
  8. Go back and follow step 1-6 from guide “Update WebView and Chrome”

Now the update process should work. If you require further assistance, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

The Community Team  🤝


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