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Why can’t I add my own photo to smart things for my Frame 55?

(Topic created on: 27-03-2023 03:34 AM)
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Can anyone help me work out why I cannot add my own photo to the Samsung frame 55. I’ve had the tv about 12 months & have tried to do this a few times with no success.

  • Smart things app - latest version installed
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 16.1.2
  • Both phone and tv connected to the same Wi-Fi network although the message it’s telling me is that they are not on the same network (I only have one network but it is connected to google mesh - is this a problem?)
  • I can use smart things app to remote control the tv
  • It also connects to my phone to play music
  • Ran smart hub connection test - completed successfully 

The ENTIRE reason I bought this tv was to put my own art on it. 

Anyone able to help me?