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Using Smart Switch from S-Note10 & iPhone to ZFold4?

(Topic created on: 08-04-2023 01:33 PM)
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I'd like to use Smart Switch to transfer data to my Samsung Z Fold 4. I'm currently using a Samsung Note 10 and I understand that transferring the data from my Note 10 would hopefully be reasonably simple. 

However, I've looked online to try and seek clarification for my query but I can't find it anywhere which is why I thought I'd ask here before I come to use the Smart Switch app and potentially encounter any problems...

What I'm wondering is that once I've transferred the data I want from my Samsung Note 10 to my Z fold 4 device, will I then have the option within the Smart Switch App to transfer the data from another phone (an iPhone xs max) so that I have the data from both phones on my new Z Fold 4?

If this is not possible, does anyone have any knowledge of how I can do this otherwise? 

TIA 🙂 any support will be much appreciated including further signposting.

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First thing I will advise is that you transfer using a cable and not wirelessly.
Personally I'd prefer to use backup accounts to setup from an old phone
But wired is the preferred option using Smartswitch.

Transferring data using Smartswitch will transfer over accounts as well as apps etc
So I don't think you can transfer over another phone as it will have different accounts.
Using a computer you maybe able to transfer a set of files etc. But I'm not sure about this.
But backup your old phone first before doing anything in case.

After settings up it might be worth wiping the Partition Cashe on the phone. Just take a minute to do