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USB Tethering Problems

(Topic created on: 26-01-2022 04:59 PM)
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Yes, yes! I am having difficulty getting my Samsung Galaxy A03s to connect to a Windows 10 Laptop for the purpose of tethering. My laptop searched high and low, but was unable to find any drivers! [Sad saxophone]

  Yo! So, I used Smart Switch and went through the reinstall USB driver process, but I am not sure if it completed. There was no dialogue box that confirmed that it had been done. There was no identification of what driver I had before the process started, and after it had completed. The dialogue box itself was mental: take it out ... put it back in. [Yuk]

  Easy! I have also installed Samsung Android USB Driver For Windows v1.7.48, and it has made no difference. After this, and before Smart Switch, I managed to download Kies, but just the once, after many attempts. After I ran it, I had to use "sfc/scannow," as there was a problem with file corruption on my lappers, but was then unable to download Kies from the Samsung website after that. [Tut]

  Boop, boop, boop - badman! As an elderly man, whose human form is rapidly deteriorating, which will result in my Godly form ascending to ... yeah, that place, I find all this searching for drivers Screenshot (11).pngfrustrating -- I will not allow Earth technology to defeat me! Does anyone know how to get a Samsung Galaxy A03s to connect to a Windows 10 Laptop, so it can be used for tethering?


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@Raging_Bananas Hello, 1.On Windows - Please confirm that you have the drivers installed on Windows.See screenshot 1.
2. On the phone: Settings/Applications click on the area indicated in the screenshot 2, activate Show system applications and confirm. Look for the USB Settings App and in Storage delete the cache and data and restart the phone. Check again.


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