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Some photos missing from gallery in Galaxy S8

(Topic created on: 02/07/20 01:39)
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Hello, hoping someone has some insight.  Up until a few days ago all was ok, now just noticed that some of my photos in gallery are missing and some were randomly put into another folder.  Both folders are named Camera.  I'm trying to remain calm but close to panic.  I want them all together and back to sorted by date like they used to be.  AND, back to the missing problem - looks like from October 2019 thru yesterday the photos are gone.  Luckily I see they are still on onedrive and also google photos.  But, how do I get everything back into gallery all in one spot?  I suspect this might be the problem:  I got an email the other day to download amazon photos app and add a photo to get a 10 dollar gift card.  Had planned on doing it anyway on my tablet as I was going to take pictures of favorite recipes and save them separate from photos (just on my tablet and in amazon photos).  I downloaded the app on my tablet but it said I needed to also put it on my phone so I did so.  I did not check anything to sync my photos in the amazon app.  The amazon app said I needed to add at least one picture to receive the gift card so I took a quick pic and added it.  Randomly a few of my older pictures also showed up, but just a few, like maybe 50-100 out of 500 or so.  

Can someone give me a hand here?  I don't want to start messing around and losing everything....just want it back to where it was.  Thought about removing the amazon app from my phone to see what happens but honestly, afraid to do anything at this point.  HELP!!!!