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Shealth indoor activity correction

(Topic created on: 29-09-2021 11:52 AM)

With the new Samsung Wear OS I thought that Samsung will update the Shealth functionality with the possibility to correct/edit the activities. At least for indoor activities and at least for time and distance. I really don’t understand why this feature is missing and I have read a lot of complaints regarding this in the past. I can agree that for GPS-related activities it can be a tricky solution but Runkeer, Runtastic and on Tizen GearTracker managed to solve this, but for indoor activities, I can’t understand what is behind this limitation. Many of us realize that for example while running on a treadmill there is a huge difference between what distance the watch “calculates” and what is the real distance based on the treadmill. For me, it does not make sense why this basic possibility is not available from the beginning, but okay I understand that they “forgot” . But after so many complaints, after so many years why it is difficult? I have read silly answers from Samsung that they are NOT INTEND TO MAKE SHEALTH as a training app for everything. Okay but based on my programming experience it is NOT DIFFICULT for indoor(not gps related)  exercises and it is not an EXTRA expectation. Is there anyone who managed to find out a workaround for this? Or any idea how to push Samsung to do this? With GearTracker on Tizen it was solved so I was not so frustrated but with Watch 4 GearTracker is not available anymore.