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Hi there samsung. Please! support more banks on samsung pay UK. I am with Bank of Scotland and would love to use samsung pay on my watch however they're not supported. I have contacted the bank and they said they have taken note of my interest however any note will have probably been shoved somewhere, never to be seen again. I know many people with the same problem with other popular banks such as RBS, Halifax etc. Could you please let me know if anything is being done about this? Samsung products are great but I want to use them to their full potential. 
I'm the same with Barclays. With Barclays though, they have their own contactless system and have 'no plans to use Samsung Pay at this time'
Try Samsung Pay with the Curve option, it is a good option and works with all cards
I have just managed to register my halifax card with samsung pay and got it working on my galaxy watch. This year samsung have teamed up with something called curve. Try and add your halifax card to samsung pay now and you are directed to a curve account. once set up your halifax card then works via your curve account, finally problem solved, going to try the wifes tomorrow with her barclays account.
That's great. I will try this. Thank you!
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