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Samsung Notes suggestions

(Topic created on: 21-03-2023 03:41 PM)
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As a student who has been using Samsung Notes to take notes for close to a year now, I would like to make some suggestions about how the app could be improved (in my opinion).

  1. Add the ability to insert space into a document between 2 pieces of text as marking sections out and moving them down isn't optimal to say the least.
  2. When exporting PDFs, I often run into my text being split vertically between pages, so adding the option to repeat the last bit of the previous page into the next one would do wonders.
  3. In one of the versions later last year, the behaviour of the select tool was changed from requiring the content being selected to be located entirely within the drawn area to selecting everything that is even partially inside of that area. I believe that adding an option to change between these 2 styles would be great because they are both useful in different circumstances (preferably as a button for the toolbar so that we can toggle it while writing).
  4. Speaking of the select tool, I think it would be a good idea to give us the ability to change the long press behaviour of the pen to the select tool being activated for quicker usage while editing. (I.e., holding the pen at a single spot should prompt the same behaviour as clicking on the select tool and then pressing the pen on the screen.)