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Samsung Notes on PC

(Topic created on: 16-08-2023 11:53 AM)
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Hello everyone, I will start by saying that I've tried countless applications for note taking

(with the main focus on the handwriting features which applies to me the most as a student).

And I can't stress this enough by saying that the Samsung Notes is by far the best Note taking App for Galaxy Devices, BUT, the lack of PC application that allows a smoother experience with my Notes and my PC  is huge.

I found myself use much less "attractive" apps just because the support of PC synchronization. 

I find it frustrating that the best Note App is in the palm of my hands but I can't fully use it's full potential.

I know that there's a a way to get the Samsung Note app through Microsoft Store/CMD package, but as far as I know, they recently closed this option exclusively to Galaxy Book.

Stating out the obvious after this writing this, I WOULD LOVE to see more support for us PC user;

that's why after all, me ,and plenty more others to my knowledge, choose Android OS, cause of its flexibility 


Please make this happened 


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Try goodnotes, they have a PC version now, and it's great.