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Samsung Health & Health Platform & Google Fit with Watch4 classic, S21 ultra.

(Topic created on: 14-11-2021 10:22 AM)
I have Health platform installed and connected to Samsung Health on my S21 ultra.

I would prefer to use Google Fit for daily health stat monitoring.

I don't see an option in Fit to connect to Samsung Health or Health Platform.
Maybe related but in Samsung Health data permissions screen I have no "access using apps" and no "access using servers" - both are blank.

I have installed Fit on my watch so it is directly recording step data & heart points and I can manually record workouts into Fit, but it's Fit is not getting sleep data and other background monitoring like blood pressure, heart rate outside workouts, breathing etc.

How do I fix this?
Hi there,
There is an app that I use called Health Sync.
Try this
I'm aware of health sync and have used it in the past. But I understood this integration with fit is why Samsung developed Health Platform and made tighter integration with Android on the watch.
Ideally I want to use the "official" apps before falling back to 3rd party ones
Well guess who spent time with Samsung support and Google support today?
And guess what I learned?
Bottom line:
1. It won't work
2. Samsung say "We have limited information on third party apps, Nik. Have you checked which apps work with Google Fit with their support team?"
3. Google say "Issues with data syncing to or from third-party applications should really be taken to the developers of those applications. Google publishes the Fit APIs which tell developers how their apps should interact with Fit, but it's entirely up to those developers to implement the connections correctly."
4. Google also say "I would encourage you to share your results with the development team by tapping your profile picture at the top of the Google Fit app and using the Help & feedback > Send feedback option. Note that this is not a support avenue, and you're not likely to receive a reply; instead your comments and diagnostic data will go straight to the developers so they can look into it. With enough data points like yours they may be able to figure out why Google Fit and Samsung Health are reporting such different numbers. "

So my best option is to shout into the void in the off chance 2 £multi-billion companies building tech on the same platform can hear me and have a come-to-Jesus moment about data interoperability.

Great. So happy to have spent £1000 on the Samsung phone and £400 on the Samsung watch built on Google Wear OS & Google Android and be experiencing this problem