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Samsung Cloud Gallery Error

(Topic created on: 04-06-2021 10:21 AM)

When I try to play my old videos on my phone there is a cloud symbol around the play button and when I click it it says "video is downloading" for a second, after that it shows up a error as " Could not connect to Samsung Cloud Server for playing the video, Try Again".

I cant play the videos and I cant delete them either waste of space. Same thing for photos

My problems are

  • I don't sync my gallery with Samsung Cloud, why did it uploaded my photos to Cloud ? 
  • I don't use onedrive so it didn't sync with one drive as you see in the screenshots and when I go to I don't see my gallery there.
  • When I go to gallery options I see a selection that says "Sync with OneDrive" but I dont want to use OneDrive.


So did my photos and videos are disappeared and cant retrieve them without turning on the " Sync with OneDrive" option in gallery settings? 

And even if I turn on that setting how is that going to retrieve those non-downloadablecannot connect to samsung cloud serverscannot connect to samsung cloud serversOneDrive is not synced upOneDrive is not synced up videos from Samsung Cloud? 

I Think that's a question for Samsung to answer....I pay £1.59p/m for Google drive and it does automatically back up my photos.Now I am running out of space but have Amazon prime which gives you unlimited space for your photos.Only thing is,there is no option to backup to Amazon.So like yourself.I will soon be running out of options,for storage,without having to pay for it.Its very frustrating and I do feel for you...