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S21 earphone microphone too quiet. Earphones buzzing

(Topic created on: 14-11-2022 02:32 PM)

I got a new S21 recently and have an issue with making calls using USB-C wired AKG earphones.

When I connect them, I can hear a lot of crackling and distortion. In calls, the other party cannot hear me properly and what I hear is buzzy and drops out. If I press the volume key and open the volume menu I can seethe sliders moving themselves as the phone is probably trying to use the earphones and phone speaker alternately. 

Connecting my old 3.5mm Samsung earphones via a Fiio DAC produces the same issue. Both earphones work in other devices.

Listening to music via wired earphones via the Fiio DAC plays fine so I'm sure all the hardware is ok and there is clearly some issue with the S21 being connected to wired USBc earphones that is causing the issue. 

Help! I love using the wired earphones to make handsfree calls (great when they are long calls) but this just doesn't work for me.

I've tried Atmos on/off,  safe mode and the issue is there in all modes.