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"block spam and scam calls" bug!!!

(Topic created on: 29-04-2021 08:24 AM)
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Hi, I'm from South Africa, I tried to report my finding to samsung support via livechat, but it was a waste of time and I didnt get a follow up from technical department.. I'm disappointed!!


I'm sitting with this issue! I've got 2 of the same phones Samsung A50, with new newest software updated on phone OS, everything is updated, so lets clear the air about this now and lets get to the problem!

I love the option "Caller ID and spam protection" .. its the best invention ever!!! ... but.... there is a problem....  my phone always tells me when we're is a spam call. but.............the "Block spam and scan calls" got a bug in it, if I enable it, it will randomly decides one day to stop blocking calls!??!?!  and although its still enabled to block all spam called, my phone will start to ring again and tells me a spam or fraud call...


The Fix... I have to disable "Block spam and scam calls" and have to disabled "caller ID and spam protection" and have to restart my phone, and have to enable everything again, and restart my phone, and then it will work again for a couple of days if Im lucky.... SAMSUNG, please fix your bugs!!!

I have to do this nonsense on both my phones, to temporary fix the issues... I'ts very annoying!!!