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Pie update

(Topic created on: 31-03-2019 08:15 AM)
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After 3 weeks of contacting Samsung to put right things not working on the S8 since the 'pie' update, but getting nowhere, I have sworn to myself never to purchase a samsung again. Before the update, all my apps worked, the icons were user friendly, the wi-fi was stable and the battery lasted longer. I have contacted samsung by chat and email (both useless), went to samsung store, done a factory reset, cured 1 out of 7 problems, their reply, it's just the update causing it, nothing we can do. Was thinking of legal action to take me out of contract, as with wi-fi cutting out, can't use wi-fi calling at work, very important with children and elderly mother. Will purchase iphone within 1 month if update fix not forthcoming. Very poor Samsung, very poor!