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Photos deleted due to remote erasing

(Topic created on: 04-11-2020 08:27 PM)
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Please help me. I lost all my photos. I had a Galaxy S9+ and the screen crashed, so I purchased an A71. I then changed SIM and SD Card to the new phone and performed all the changes.

For some reason, once everything was donde (face recognition, pin, etc) I placed the phone on my desk and the next morning the phone requested my PIN. I entered it, and surprise, the one I thought I had used, was not. Tried over and over and discovered that the only way I could start the phone was using google android find and restoring the phone to factory settings. Please if you ever do this REMOVE THE SD CARD FROM THE PHONE BEFORE. I failed to do so, and the phone deleted not only internal memory but also the SD CARD where I kept ALL MY PICTURES.

The worst part is that I thought the pictures were backed up in my google photos, but no, as it happens only if you have the settings set to "Security Backup" your pictures will also disappear from google photos.

So now I have all my photos gone forever from the SD Card and what I thougt was a safe place. Google fotos is not a safe place so please make sure you have security backup.


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well there really is nothing you can do but you could try cloud backup and press photos it worked for me don't know about you
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Sorry to hear that. If you want to recover the lost photos from your SD Card, try SD Card Recovery mode of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android. This mode can help us recover deleted media files including photos, videos, music and documents from SD Card on Android phone. It's easy to use. You don't need to root your phone. Just install it on your computer, start it. Connect your phone to the same computer via USB cable, choose SD Card Recovery mode. Then it will scan out all data on your SD Card, including the lost photos before they are overwritten by new data. Just preview and choose the photos you want to recover. Hope this will be help.