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Over a year long question.

(Topic created on: 24-09-2020 01:48 AM)
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Hello there. 


I have a Galaxy Note 10+5G.   When I bought it in August of 2019 it was the big boy smart phone. It is a great phone except one major (in my opinion) issue. 


Netflix and some other various apps isn't compatible with this phone.


My cell phone provider is Verizon.


So back on December of 2019 I went to load netflix and was prompted that the app needed to be updated. Once I went to the Play Store I couldn't find the Netflix app. Doing a simple Google search for "Netflix Play Store" I got the direct link and it had in red that the app isn't compatible with this device. I contacted Netflix, who said it was the Play Store's fault. I contacted Google, who said it was Samsung's fault. I then contacted Samsung who said it was Verizon's fault. Then lastly Verizon said it was Netflix's fault...       So for the last 10 months I've been trying to find a solution. 


I've hard reset the phone, I've done the typical install apk files, I've had the phone in safe mode. I've even just given my phone to Verizon and said do whatever you need. They had no luck.   


Back in March I went to the Verizon store (The S20 had just been released) and they said let's just get you a new phone. I agreed. But first I wanted them to show me that Netflix worked. They pulled out a S20 ULTRA 5G and Netflix did not work. It didn't work on the S10 either. I ended up sticking with this phone as it would be cheaper payments. 


I don't understand why it's not compatible with these new phones. My dad has a S9 and Netflix works just fine. Plenty of my friends have Note 10's and Netflix works fine. My family with iPhones can use Netflix.


My phone also won't update. I'm stuck on Android 9. Also, my last security update was July 1, 2019.  Each time I'm told the phone is up to date.



Any tips.... 


I want to upgrade to the Z Flip 2

 But I don't want to waste my money on something that can't even use Netflix.



Thank you....

I just got the z fold 2 and my Netflix works fine. also worked on my s20 ultra. If for whatever reason you can't download Netflix on the app store u can side load it off the Internet. I would upgrade to the z fold over flip