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One UI 5.1 has destroyed my phone

(Topic created on: 03-06-2023 02:41 AM)
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Hi all,

I've seen a few issues with the new update and I recently got another patch at the end of May for my S21+.


Before the most recent update I noticed I was having issues with charging my phone. It was taking longer to charge, no longer fast charging and from 2% battery it was taking me 7+hrs to get to 100%.

I should probably mention prior the update I never had any issues and my phone was fast charging and doing as it should.

However last night I got a warning saying my phone port had liquid in it when I tried to charge it. I was confused as my charger is kept in a tub and my phone had spent the day sat on my sofa barely touched. So neither had come into contact with water the port was clear of any dirt.

It charged absolutely fine over night and when I went to charge it this evening it no longer registers any charger in the port.

Thankfully it is wireless charging, but even that is still painfully slow.

Has anyone else had this since the update?

I like to think I look after my phones extremely well 🤷🏼‍♀️

I contacted Samsung before the charging port stopped work & they said I needed a new one according to the info my phone sent over.....but this seems too coincidental considering other people have had similar issues.

I've cleared the cache which did absolutely nothing.

I guess I'm just looking for anyone else who's had the same issue as me and to hear some more recent feedback from people.
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Ok slight update. After thinking I had nothing to lose I got a cocktail stick and the charging port had the smallest spec of dust in it. However it is now charging for the moment by cable.... although....still extremely slow.
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Always recommended after software update.
wiping phones cache partition.

Power off your device, and plug into a pc. Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons, when you see the Samsung logo release buttons. Use the volume buttons to navigate the Recovery Mode menu. Use the power button to select Wipe Cache Partition. Wait for the system cache partition to clear. You can also repair apps while in recovery mode

Was recently someone posted a similar issue. A restart on the device sorted the charging time.
If you look at my post I've had 3 phones do this now .I've given up with Samsung and I am looking to see which other brand is good if not better than pay a premium price and they just fob the customer of with a product that is unfit for use