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Myfitnesspal and Samsung Health

(Topic created on: 24-04-2021 10:46 AM)
Mobile Apps & Services
Ive been using Lifesum but a lot of stuff is missing or items are incorrect when submitting foods, so thinking of switching back to Myfitnesspal.
But on testing I've noticed that MFP doesn't get steps from Samsung Health and nor will it submit Water to Samsung Health. 
Does anyone know how to get MFP to obtain steps without me having to sync steps to Google Fit from SH and then MFP gets from GF.

Mobile Apps & Services

Bumping this item...

My challenge is to create an optimal health platform, created from several different platforms (Google Fit, Samsung Health, MFP apps), as no one platform offers everything. So i want to be able to combine... AND add my BT scale... AND my hr monitor... and... and...

The thing is that every platform wants you (the customer) all to himself, so not every app, device or platform syncs well with one another... If at all...

The same with devices... In another thread i mention that the Polar H10 (best hr monitor out there imo) doesnt talk with samsung health...

For us, the users, this is a pain... having to figure out how to set up your own personal fitness and health monitorins system with all your devices and apps syncing correctly...

Hopefully there are some community users who have the same issues and we can help eachother out... 

Im now in the fase of deciding where to let all the information come together, for now im leaning towards the MFP platform