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Make routines more useful

(Topic created on: 13-02-2022 12:25 AM)
I tried to create a routine, where I can turn on flight mode for 5 seconds and then back off but this is NOT allowed.

It's seems you can't have a repeating action/module twice in the same routine, why?!

So, I've had to create three routines when I move 20 metre's for better hotspot speeds

So, at desk one, my download speed 16mb, to get speeds from another mobile mast I've got to:

1) Place my phone across the room
2) Run Bixby routine 1 manually
2.1 enable flight ✈️ mode
2.2 wait 5 seconds
2.3 turn on wi-fi

3) Bixby routine 2 - when wi-fi turned on
3.1 turn off flight ✈️ mode 
3.2 wait 3 seconds
3.3 turn off wi-fi
3.4 turn on hotspot

Downloads speeds now 169mb, as I've connected to another mobile tower.

Why can't I have that in one routine?

Where is best to give feedback to Samsung for something like this?