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How to access and edit or create Samsung notes on Windows10/11?

(Topic created on: 23-10-2021 09:16 AM)
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  •  I tried installing Samsung notes from the Microsoft store on my windows10 but I can only access my old format notes backed up in the Samsung cloud (which is discontinued and I can't access all of my notes).
  • I tried installing Samsung notes on BlueStacks and it doesn't even support syncing, it's just a rich text editing app.
  • OneNote syncing is also useless cuz I cannot edit or create a new note.
  • I tried Samsung Flow, It works but it's super laggy  (I'm sure Samsung is going to discontinue this one as well like Samsung kiss and SideSync. )

Is there any other way? (the only thing I have not tried yet is installing it on Windows11.) 
Samsung seriously needs to work on its note-taking app and care more about its users, I'm really upset with their decision on closing the Samsung cloud.

Mobile Apps & Services
Hi, in Samsung Notes App on your phone in setting there is an option to enable sync with Microsoft OneNote.