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Google Account only, Samsung only, Hybrid

(Topic created on: 22-04-2022 11:35 PM)
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I now have my S22+. I had an old Galaxy years ago and set it up with Samsung account despite being more familiar with Google Account. To cut is short I had a nightmare and factory wiped the phone to get rid of Samsung Account.

I made bold step of trying out Samsung again but I don't want to get bitten - I know I can use purely a Google Account (already have that) and that some apps work a little different to Google - Backup for example. I really don't care about trivial things like that tbh so I am leaning towards using only a Google Account.

I saw some content somewhere about Samsung crippling Samsung Gallery sync to Onedrive if you don't have a Samsung Account but that seems contradicted by other indicators that some of sync Samsung Gallery to Onedrive using just there old trusty Microsoft Hotmail account and settings to sync gallery in Onedrive itself (that is my current set up on Oneplus).

Please could someone point me in the right direction? If no showstoppers I will stick with Google, one more account is one too many !


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Hi @timhg 

I've always used a Samsung Account with no issues and also have my Google account added too.

I use Samsung Cloud to back up.

My opinion that backing up is important as technology can and will fail causing loss of important information.

I personally do not prefer OneDrive so that's deactivated.

I auto back up my photos to Dropbox.

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