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Galaxy Watch Samsung Pay plug-In not installing


Hi I use my galaxy watch with my asus Zenfone 5, and when i try to configure Samsung pay it starts a download on my smartphone, but when the download ends nothing happens and if i try to open the samsung pay page from the galaxy watch plug-in it starts again the Download.

Does anyone have had problems using this with non Samsung smartphones?

This issue can be solved in anyway?

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I understand the two versions of Google Play but this is not how the plug-in is installed. The plug-in is installed through the Galaxy Wear app on its Home page by selecting Samsung Pay.


I was only suspecting it was pulling the plug-in from Work Profile Google Play store. I'm not sure if if this is what is happening or if it is some other interaction. Note that IT allows download through Personal Play of most any app without limitation but does block for download of apks from Unkown Sources.


hi, where i need to change the region?i make all the steps but i don t find where to change the region


You need to follow few steps in adb to changw regional code 

It will erase your data though it may retain samsung pay app in your watch 



I think I have the problem. Android phone is managed by IT. IT rules allow Google Play download of apps but block other sources. The app to enable Samsung Pay on the watch through phone requires an apk but the process does not source the apk from Google Play.

.....posting apk on Google Play and having process to pull from there should allow phones managed by IT and allowing Google Play to install Samsung Pay

You have to install APKPure or APK File manager first to run this file


You do not seem to understand how an IT policy on phone can prevent  installing apk that are not souced through Google Play.


Samsung pay galaxy watch activation date time India




I just got the Active 2 watch and I'm using an LGG6 phone. I'm having the the same issue as many where the Samsung Pay is not appearing on the Wearable app. 

I will be using the watch in Canada but it was purchased from the U.S. and made in Vietnam. It's referred to as an International Version.

I believe that I also need to change the region in order to solve the problem but have some stupid questions so please forgive me. Are the steps to download SDBstarterKidv1 etc. To be done on the phone or the watch? Worried about trying to do this as I have no experience. Is there a video out there showing how it's done? Thanks.


Hello! In an effort to shsre a much simpler solution and uptodate woth anyone experiencing this issue: I found a non-techy solution. 


I opened the settings on my phone. Went to the apps section and manually uninstalled the samsung pay plugin(watch plugin)


When I returned to the wearables app, it asked to install the plugin.


This was successful and without the need to use an APK or even know what that is.


Hope this helps.

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