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Galaxy s9 and Galaxy Active2 Issues: Random vibrations and flickering

(Topic created on: 13-01-2020 10:32 AM)
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Phone model: SM-G960F - Samsung Galaxy S9

Watch model: SM-R825F - Samsung Galaxy Active2 Smart Watch


After about two weeks of using this watch with my phone, the phone started to act funny. The symptoms are as follows:

Whenever I use the phone, it'll vibrate about every 10 seconds, sometimes it vibrates multiple times. Ofcourse, I'm aware that notifications can trigger the occasional vibrations, but even if there are no new notifications, it still vibrates. This thing alone is very annyoing. Another annyoing symptom is that it will automatically close input field that i'm entering text into and the screen will flicker/blink as if a website just have been "refreshed". Let me clarify, I have the exact same problems in native apps aswell. Also when an input text is closed in this unexpected fashion, I also happen to click either a button, link, whatever clickable element that happens to be in the vicinty of the input field, ultimately giving me a very annyoing experience! For example, ill try to enter a password, and suddenly end up on a registration page. This can actually be harmful, as one of my first encounter with this problem was when i was using a popular, norwegian app called "Vipps", where you can send money to your contacts, but you might aswell end up doing a completely different action... like sending a random person 5k $ xD(thankfully, this did'nt happen)


Here are a few things I did prior to these symptoms that I suspect could trigger my phone to go all haywire:

- I'm a developer so developer options is enabled on my phone. I was making an app for my Smart watch, enabling developer option for the watch. 

- I designed a custom watchface, which i exported to my watch. 

Aside from that, i have'nt done to much fancy stuff on my watch.

- Just after two weeks of using the phone, i started to track my sleeping patterns, using the app/services delivered/pre-installed on the watch, provided Samsung.


At of Jan 2020, I could'nt handle this anymore, so I just opted for a factory reset of my phone, I also had to factory reset the watch. A little sidenote, however relevant as another post: I didnt have any security backup from june 2019, until Dec: 2019, so half a year worth of pictures are lost.. Anyone know if they're recoverable? I tried several dodgy looking apps, but only got like 3 pictures..) 


...Anyway, posterior to the factory reset, I have'nt been meddeling with app development involving the Watch fearing that this might have caused the phone to act funny. 

Interestingly today(2020-01-13), my phone went to *****s again. 


What did I do recently that might've provoked this? 

- One thing I can remeber: Tracking sleep. Could there be a bug with this sleep tracking?


I got into a chat with Samsung support earlier today. They had me go into BIOS and wipe the cache partition. It didnt help.


Anyone having/had similar issues?


Thanks for looking, and If anyone knows where i can get relevant logs, ill be delighted to share those.