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Doubt about wi fi connection process

(Topic created on: 01-10-2021 01:09 PM)
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Hi all,I explain my doubt:

Good morning, I expose my doubt: last night with my smartphone (Galaxy J5) I tried to connect to the Wi-Fi network of a restaurant. This is the process that I did and that you can also do: I go to Settings, I select the Wi-Fi, I activate it, I select the network that interests me and enter the password. However, I fail about three times to enter it (by my own mistake). At the end I decide not to connect more, I deactivate it and then exit Settings. Even if it is a stupid question, I would like to know, since I am not very familiar with technology, reading the process that I have implemented: have I sent any kind of signal to my contacts? Have I done some sharing procedure without knowing it ? Or simply it is a classic operation of connection to the net that happens in "private" way so to speak (that is without that nobody knows it or they are shared information of any type?