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Dex behaves differently on S10e and Tab S5e - any ideas why?

(Topic created on: 09-03-2021 04:48 PM)
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Hi - just wondering if anyone has experienced or can explain the following. 

I have an HP USB-C dock attached to dual monitors, keyboard and mouse. When I connect my S10e to the dock, it goes directly into Dex mode and the UI comes up on both monitors (mirrored as expected). Everything works beautifully despite my monitors both being DisplayPort (supported by the dock).

However, when I connect my Tab S5e, then behaviour is different. Dex runs automatically on the Tab but I get no display up on the monitors. I know that Dex is supposed to connect to an HDMI or USB monitor, but having got it working with the HP dock I would expect both devices to behave the same.

Anyone experienced this or can offer an explanation, please?



PS: I think that I may already have worked this out. My Tab S5e is running Android 10 but the S10e is on 11. I have read elsewhere that the chip used in the dock is supported from 11. I will have to wait for the update of my Tab to come along with Android 11. July 2021?