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call recording

(Topic created on: 21-04-2022 10:58 PM)
Mobile Apps & Services
I read that soon you can only record calls with the Samsung phone app.

and that refers to another page

it does say that in some countries it is illegal to do that so I did check and in the EU and in the UK it is not illegal to do so, but my phone (xCover Pro) doesn't give the option to record calls.
or am I missing some setting somewhere?
(version of phone app is call app is

Mobile Apps & Services
Having the same issue. I rely on acr phone. As its legal in the UK and if 99.9% companies can record me I should be able to record them (especially as in past I've had promises made by my landlord for them to "release" the recording but edit out their entire promise. Plus in other cases if I'm VERY busy and the Dr rings me with an appointment I can just listen back later then add to my diary.

Edit: Google have BLOCKED this loophole. And now my landlord is scamming me and no proof... Thanks a lot Google.
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