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Android System Webview Explained

(Topic created on: 25-03-2021 04:23 PM)
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I thought I would include a bit of detail  here, for those who may not be completely aware.  This thread is intended for information only, any queries related to App crashes should be directed to this thread . 


Rather than every app needing to use a built in Web Browser  Google developed a built in system  and should ensure greater functionality.   The Webview is a piece of code and the Developer only needs to add  three short lines of code, ask for permission to use the Internet and open web content with a few more lines of code.   Therefore benefits both Developers and users,  however if Bugs not detected before updates rolled obviously this has consequences.   However Google was pretty quick  in releasing a fix, even if it may not be straightforward for everyone.  see more on the dedicated thread for fixes.  More detail in this article 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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