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Add synonym section of the words in keyboard

(Topic created on: 05-11-2020 06:22 PM)
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Dear Sumsung  culture experts and developers for keyboard application, my message is addressed to employees who are responsible for the Android keyboard. In the section with keyword suggestions for dictation and next word which works awesome, we can add a new suggestion for the recommendation section as the "native language" section, or we can call that new section synonyms. As we know, when we type with a standard keyboard for the Android platform, we have a tree section above on top of  the Android keyboard. (As an autocorrection and for the next usual word suggestion). If we add sectiion that suggest native synonym word would be helpful to keep the culture as true as it was behind the words.

In the 21st century (digital century), to protect many history books and save them for the next generation this featurewill dramatically change the societyin longterm. In addition, the language should be quickly protected from deviations. Of course it needs the table of synonym words provided by experts for each language, but it can get from users itself and the systemenhanceitself overtime. An example could be the Persian language, which is my mother tongue. There are several words from our methodologies, Millde-Persian, which can be practiced daily and which fit our culture. There are many unnecessary words from neighboring countries that do not have the same background and culture behind them. *(e.g. Turkish or Arabic). Most of these words have a common appropriate synonym. We can provide the synonym words that come from Persian books, which is proven by Persian literature. I think it is important for all of us to preserve our precious books and our history for the next generation. [e-mail deleted, db] With kind regards Wait for your answer