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The Introduce Yourself Thread

(Topic created on: 02/09/20 16:00)
Community Manager

Hi everyone and welcome to the Nordic Samsung Community! I thought we should get to know each other a bit better, so why not introduce ourselves. I’ll go first 🤗


I’m ElinH. I’m the Nordic Community Manager – in other words I make sure things run smoothly here on the community. I also, together with my fellow moderators, help with unresolved issues or questions. In addition to this, I’m always looking at ways to improve the community to ensure everyone has the best possible experience (PS. If you do have suggestions check out the Community Feedback thread).


In my spare time I do yoga, surf and travel. Growing up with a chef as a dad, I have a passion for good food. I also love music and believe that watching Bruce Springsteen live when I was 15 changed my life forever.


That’s a little bit about me! Who are you?


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