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The Introduce Yourself Thread

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Nordic Samsung Community! I thought we should get to know each other a bit better, so why not introduce ourselves. I’ll go first 🤗


I’m ElinH. I’m the Nordic Community Manager – in other words I make sure things run smoothly here on the community. I also, together with my fellow moderators, help with unresolved issues or questions. In addition to this, I’m always looking at ways to improve the community to ensure everyone has the best possible experience (PS. If you do have suggestions check out the Community Feedback thread).


In my spare time I do yoga, surf and travel. Growing up with a chef as a dad, I have a passion for good food. I also love music and believe that watching Bruce Springsteen live when I was 15 changed my life forever.


That’s a little bit about me! Who are you?


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Hi! 😁

My name is Katya, I'm originally from  far away  town called Vladivostok in Russia. But I have been living in Sweden for the last  18 years now. I'm married and have two awesome cats that are half Sphynx and half Norwegian forest cat. They keep me pretty busy when they are not napping especially now that  I'm working from home. 

I love plants, but my husband thinks I have too many. 🌱 🤔

Kind regards
Community Manager

Hi @Lunarix 😀 


Nice to e-meet you and welcome to the Community! I personally believe that there is no such thing as too many plants 🌱 

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My name is Jovan, computers, photography, and video editing are my areas of interests and hobby in my spare time(which is very limited 🙂 ). Hope that will be some more photos to share within community. Regards J

Community Manager

Hi @jovjan, welcome to the Community 👋


Even if your spare time is limited I think it's important to fill it with stuff that makes us happy, so keep doing your thing! A tip is to start a new topic in the Lounge and name it "The Photo Thread" or something like that! In that way we can all share our favorite photos whenever we want.


And!! There will definitely be more opportunities to post photos. Right now we have our Halloween Challenge open where you can share photos of your pumpkin creations á la spooky style 👻

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My name is Gabi and I'm currently a university student, which keeps me busy the majority of my time. In my spare time, I like to meet new people, learn new languages and photography. I'm currently fluent (and semi-fluent haha) in 4ish languages and my main model for my photos is my dog Daisy who I love with my whole heart.

Kind regards Gabi! 

Community Manager

Heyy @Heygg01 😺


Wow that is so impressive!! I am only fluent in Swedish and English, but studied a bit of Spanish in school. What languages do you speak? 🏳️‍🌈


Welcoming you and top model dog Daisy to the community!



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my name is Alice. I'm 24 years old and I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪. I work within the food-tech industry and I love it because of the everyday communication I get to do. On my spare time, I enjoy cooking and going on adventures with my boyfriend and our little dog. We love to travel so we are rarely able to stay for too long in one place 😄 




Welcome to the community!! I love to travel too - which makes it really hard with all the Covid-19 restrictions. Have you been able to go on a Swedish adventure recently? 🇸🇪




Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.

Yes, it's a bit sad with all the restrictions. But we love to travel within Sweden. We were recently in Dalarna and planing on going to Kiruna for Christmas. ❄


Where would you like to go once the restrictions are over? :smiling-face: 


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