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WF50K7500 drum exceptionally hot

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Have had my washer since August 2019. All of a sudden, the drum is exceptionally hot after finishing a load regardless of water temperature. Any thoughts?

Hi @Dawn13,

Are there any error codes on the display? What do you have the temperature set to? Also, is this happening on all cycles?

Good morning. There are no error codes. The water temp is cold and I am using low spin. The machine, though being 7 months old, had become increasingly louder on its spin cycle. We reseated it and the noise went away but now the drum is very hot and stays hot for a good hour. I know that it is spinning since the clothes are only damp and some get stuck to the top of the drum. 


whats the model number of your appliance you can usually find it in the door. It will start WW.... or WD.... it is very strange. It hasn't recently been accidentally switched to a hot supply? Or you had any plumbing done recently in the house. As I say very odd. 

 Let me know and I'll see if we can help more.


It's a WF50K7500. No, nothing done to the plumbing. The machine had gotten increasingly louder so we repositioned it and leveled the legs. The noise went away but now the drum is very hot, even on cold water. 


Okay, it sounds like you need to speak to our customer support team and possibly an engineer, it is very strange issue.

This is a UK community, so we may not be able to help much more, I'm guessing based on the model you may be one of our friends living the over side of the Atlantic? If so follow one if these links for more help.


USA support: 

Canada support: 


I hope you get it sorted swiftly.


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