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samsung ecobubble ww80k541ux

(Topic created on: 12/01/21 15:11)
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i dont usually do this kind of thing,but a felt a compulsion to air my expeirience with the above washing machine that i purchased nov 2016

anyways me and the wife purchased the washer after the salesman convinced us how quiet and reliable it was plus the add-wash front door was a big selling point as there always seemed to be a sock left in the laundry basket after the machine was turned on,,first impressions wer,nt great,despite the salesman at curry,s stating how quiet it was,the induction motor could be clearly heard so certainly not a quiet washer,then the problems really mounted when it came time to spin,the vibration was horrendous i had to run into the kitchen to turn it off,and before anyone says i didnt level it, i come from an engineering backgroud career wise,i can assure you it was leveled with a 600mm builders level,over the next year it vibrated and bounced,the door developed at bad vibration unfortunatly without taking the machine apart there is no visible way to adjust the door,anyways,i cut two 80mm x 3mm round alloy plates which i leveled and mounted perfectly level using polyurethane waterproof sealer/mastic and mounted them on the floor for the 2 rear feet,,from this base point and using the level i was able to adjust the front feet to within 0.2mm,.it still vibrated badly,i contacted samsung who sent out an engineer and he replaced the dampers,"may i also add i ran the weight calibration cycle on numerous occasions" he said the dampers where worn,,this did inprove things but it was still no1 worst machine for vibration and noise that i had ever fast forward to 9-1-2021 and kaput,the maching stopped mid wash with error code UC,myself and my friend(electrician) took the top off and tested all electrical connections for power including the electrical wall socket and fused plug,i also turned the machine off several times for 15 mins to reset the circuit breaker,all sadly to no avail,it is the main pcb board,my friend told me with the lockdown and the new so called  irish sea border his company are having difficulty obtaining central heating pcb boards and they have a few customers that have had no heating for 2 weeks,this news from my friend along with the price of a new board and a service engineer to confirm the diagnosis,order and fit a new board (plus continued vibration)convinced me to purchase a new machine,even though the samsung was £599 four years ago,anyway the new bosch £380 washer arrived 2 hours ago,i meticulously leveled it and put some washing in it and turned it on,it is as quiet as a mouse when running all i can here is slight sound of water,i waited for the spin cycle and hey presto,i can honestly say you could set a glass filled with wine on top of it and it wouldnt spill a drop,,lesson learned the hard way,,i unfortunately wont be purchasing any form of samsung laundry appliance ever again,i just thought someone may be interested to hear my story


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I got same problem today. Washing mashine stoped in the mid wash eith errir code UC.
Reseting doesn't helped.
Code cleared but washing mashine not working. When you select washing programme and press "start" nothing happens even door dosen't lock.
What could be wrong?