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RF56M9540SR - should I buy?


I’m on the brink of purchasing the RF56M9540SR fridge freezer.  I can purchase any model from any manufacturer but like connected devices and like the full width top fridge of this model and the ability to change the bottom right mode - which I’d probably use as a wine chiller as I’ve got a separate freezer.


My question - should I buy it or will I regret it?  It’s an old model.  Are new ones due to be released soon?


I’ve searched all over and can’t find an answer - is this Family Hub 3?  Is the Tizen version the Hub version (my pal has one and it says Tizen 4 v2)


I’m worried that I replace my phone/iPad/etc every couple of years and update that software every few months, that the smart features on this will frustrate me in 2 years if it’s all out of date.


Thanks for any advice!

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