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Family Hub touchscreen unresponsive

(Topic created on: 08-08-2022 08:10 PM)
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For nearly a month now, the touchscreen of my family hub American fridge freezer has stopped working. Nothing I do fixes it - I’ve tried turning it off then in again for various lengths of time, both with the red switch (just for the hub screen) and at the mains, but nothing works.

I know that the hub is still functioning as smart things can still connect (only way I can alter fridge/freezer temp!!) and if I update the family board using the family hub app on my phone, that reflects on the screen on the fridge.

Because I’ve had it for nearly 3 years, I’ve been told I’ll have to fork out £110 for a call out and if the screen needs replacing, it’ll be another £400 odd.

Thats quite frankly ridiculous given that the fridge becomes all but unusable without the screen as all of the settings are done via the hub, and for a fridge that cost well over £2k, this is a joke - it seems like this is a common issue with these fridges, as evidenced by a thread on the US community site: but Samsung don’t want to own the issue and fix it FoC.

If anyone has managed to resolve the issue (without a £500 cost replacement) I’d love to know how - seems like it could be a software issue? The US models seem to have a USB port but the one I have (RS68N8941SL) doesn’t, so I can’t even use a mouse to try to factory reset.

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Hi just read your review, I'm experiencing the same problem my screen stopped working yesterday, not happy to hear that it could cost upto £500!!! 😡