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Why Such Restrictive Offer Dates?

(Topic created on: 19-09-2021 06:02 PM)
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So my partner's phone died... She is a carer for our disabled boy, must have a phone at all times, so I replaced it immediately... Bought end of August, arrived first week of September... And a spectacular phone it is! 

I bought a Flip3 outright, at full price, from the Samsung website. Now, Samsung are offering a free Watch to those that bought a Flip3 - but only after 17th September...? Why? Why not extend that date back to when it was released, as its only a few weeks to add...?

I bought an S21 Ultra, Flip3, and two Tab S7+ - we've defected over from all Sony kit, at the cost of close to £5,000. Not very happy with the offer dates. 

Delighted with the products. 
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Hi @-Tigger- 


Quite a nice array of Samsung phones there 👍

Unfortunately offers come and go and invariably some will miss out on them.

Samsung stick rigidly to the eligibility dates and won't waver.

I totally get what your saying and some others have also created recent threads on the forum talking about their disappointment on missing out.

Some still in their cooling off period are contemplating sending their phone back to refund,  and then start again by raising another purchase of the Flip3 to take  advantage of this new promotional offer.

My personal opinion is that if a person contacts Samsung who are within their cooling off period ask to send the phone back because they've seen the watch 4 offer could be offered the promotional item to avoid receiving a used opened phone back,

I've missed out on offers by one day before but I was out of the cooling off period so that was that.

If you perform a forum search you'll see the recent threads to which I've posted in too.

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